rapid laying

Same laying technique as parquet (with or without glue)


absolute planarity

Completely flat material


zero gap

Absence of gaps between tiles for maximal design sensation


wide choice

Many textures and third-fire customization possible.

Our collections

Paviker is a completely flat material that combines the technology of the pre-finished parquet to the ceramic. It lays like a parquet with Tongue and Groove on the four sides.

It is a completely natural product and easy to maintain. Because your needs are uniques, we have developed two collections of Paviker

Paviker 1.0

PAVIKER 1.0 Born form the cooperation between Laminam and Bruno Parquet, Paviker 1.0 is the first product of the new brand which combines pre-finished wooden floor technology with ceramic advantages. It is a pre-finished product made of a   thin ceramic  top layer  3 mm thick and a multi-layer plywood support with tongue and groove on the four sides. The combination between wood and ceramic creates a brand new concept for flooring solutions which will transform the world of covering.

 Zero gap
 Absolute planarity
 Fast laying
 It combines with Bruno wooden floors
 3 different thicknesses: 11, 14 & 15 mm
 Interior usage

Paviker 2.0

This is the evolution of the original Paviker 1.0 with birch plywood support. Paviker 2.0 combines a thin ceramic top layer (3+ or 5 mm) with a  WPC support (Wood Plastic Composite), a composite of wooden fibers and recycled plastic. Paviker 2.0 is suitable especially for big surfaces  subject to high tread, also in humid areas.

 Zero gap
Absolute planarity
 Fast laying
 Minimal thickness: 8,5 / 10,5 mm
 Interior & Exterior usages
 Big spaces
 Humid areas
 Naval fitting
 Natural & recyclable

What they say about Paviker

Some testimonials from clients, distributors and architects…

Le prove sul multistrato Paviker hanno rivelato degli incrementi significativi (quasi eccezionale) della resistenza meccanica, rispetto a quella della sola piastrella (anche con la stuoia in fibra di vetro).

G. Carani

Ing., Centro Ceramico Sassuolo (MO - Italy)

Paviker (le parquet/carrelage) est magnifique et nous en sommes très contents. Les professionnels en France ne le connaissent pas et sont très intrigués et séduits par le produit.


Client, France

The first 3 days of our fair were rather successful, we really had great interest of the visitors (consumers) and also we could make some interesting contact with potential retailers. We appreciate a lot the products. It’s a pleasure to collaborate together with you.


Paviker's Dealer, Netherlands

Nous avons découvert PAVIKER lors d’une rencontre à Turin. Tout de suite, nous avons été séduits par les nombreuses solutions qu’offre le produit. Ces mêmes raisons séduisent aussi les architectes avec lesquels nous travaillons. Sans conteste, Paviker est un produit d’excellence très agréable à travailler.


Paviker's Dealer, Luxembourg

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